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From the Deli Case

Everything that we serve can be purchased by the pound to take home.  We carry Boars Head meats and cheese.  Our salads are made from our family recipes, and we fly in our smoked fish from New York.

Boars Head

Oven Roasted Turkey Breast  $8.95 LB.
Black Forest Ham  $8.95 LB.
Roast Beef  $9.95 Lb.
Chicken Breast  $8.95 LB.
Corned Beef  $14.95 LB.
Pastrami  $14.95 LB.
All Beef Hot Dogs  $6.99 LB.
Cheese (American, Swiss, provolone, muenster, cheddar)  $5.95 LB.
Pickles  $ .75 ea.


Tuna  $7.95 LB.
Specialty Tuna  $8.95 LB.
Egg Salad  $6.95 LB.
Chicken Salad  $9.95 LB.
Whitefish Salad  $12.95 LB
Baked Salmon Salad $13.95 LB.
Fruit Salad $ 5.99 LB.
Cole Slaw and Potato Salad $ 3.99 LB.


Nova (Smoked Salmon) $35.00 LB.
Knish $2.50 ea.
Herring in Cream Sauce $10.95 LB.
Batampte Mustard $2.50 ea.

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