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Specialty Platters

Savory Party Platters


Smoked Salmon Platter


Thinly sliced and perfectly smoked salmon presented with chopped egg, capers, diced red onion, lemon wedges, and cream cheese.  Served with assorted fresh bagels.

Small (serves 10-15)          $89.99      Large (serves 25-30)       $189.99


High Rollers

An assortment of tiny sandwiches made on our Armenian wraps filled with cream cheese, turkey, ham and roast beef, black olives,                                    chopped lettuce and tomatoes.  We’ll make any combination, including vegetarian.

$14.95 / per dozen (2 dozen minimum)


Finger Sandwiches

A variety of impressive triangles on rye, wheat or bagel bread with ham, turkey and roast beef topped with slices of American & Swiss cheese;                                  also available with tuna, egg & chicken salad.

$14.95 / per dozen (2 dozen minimum)


Crudité Platter

The season’s best offering of fresh vegetables is hand-selected and

artfully arranged to create a bountiful display.  Ranch dip included.

 $39.99 (serves 25-30)


Fruit Platter

Only the ripest and sweetest fruits are selected, hand-cut and beautifully displayed.

 $49.99 (serves 25-30)


Fruit and Cheese Platter

Our Fresh Fruit arranged with an assortment of our Boars Head Cheese.

 $79.99 (serves 25-30)


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